Monday, March 16, 2009

Coco Key Indoor Water Resort

Coco Key a 55,ooo square ft. indoor water resort located in Waterbury Connecticut's Holiday Inn. This resort gives everyone a nice opportunity to get away from the winter weather and feel like you are on a tropical mini vacation. Walking in, the air is hot it is 84 degrees. Music is playing and there are lots of happy faces, including mine. I see a bar on my left, as well as Pizza Hut and A&W. On my right a first aid station that distributed towels for the guests. There was a bright red and yellow play scape called Parrots Perch right in front of me. This interactive play station was made up of different water splashing cannons and slides. A water bucket would dump hundreds of gallons of water every few seconds sending spectators a big gush of cold air once it hit the ground. This resort also has a mini lazy river that offers a movie as you float around, a spa hot tub for the older crowd and a fast paced water slide named Coconut Grove Adventure River. For those who like adventurous water tube rides. The twists and turns in this ride was enough for me to not want to go a second time. Birthday parties are also held here. Offering children with winter birthdays to have a summer like experience. Coco Key gave me a lovely summer day. I even forgot what the weather was like outside. I had good food, a tropical mixed drink called Miami Hurricane, and relaxed in a spa pool all in one day. This is a definite on the to do list for those who have the winter blues. You will definitely enjoy yourself and forget the winter weather beyond Coco Keys doors.