Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GQ Magazine: A Good Read, For Any Guy, Anywhere

I was very skeptical when entering into my monthly relationship with GQ magazine. After all, I’m a 24 year old college student who lives on about 100 dollars per week (This drives the women wild); what information, or pleasure could I possibly attain from reading a publication whose motto is “Look Sharp + Live Smart?” However, after picking up my first issue of GQ at the suggestion of a close friend, I found I couldn’t put the famous men’s magazine down.

I quickly discovered that GQ was far more than a monthly men's bible for millionaires and flashy dressers. Instead, I became privy to a plethora of information that any man, of any age, budget, or background cold relate to. In fact, many of GQ’s articles are based on using what you already have, to get what you ultimately want.

In addition to an endless stream of self-help advice, GQ boasts some of the most provocative, and illuminating articles found anywhere. The world of sports, politics, fashion,food,human interest,dating,and human nature, are all tended to in a professional and entertaining manner. The March, 2009 issue of GQ (still on newsstands) features articles ranging from “The Low-Priced, High-Class Business Wardrobe,” to “An Outrageous Tale of Sibling Rivalry.”

Next time you find yourself at the newsstand, pick up a copy of GQ. After all, it has something for every guy.

-Matt D’Annolfo

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  1. This post makes me want to give GQ a shot. I've never really been into too many magazines, but I could see myself enjoying it based upon your praise : )