Friday, March 27, 2009

The Male Ego

The Male Ego is spoken word poetry given by a group guys from different cultural backgrounds. They share testimonies of self-love and self-hate, denial and insecurity, courage and resurrection. This show given by UrbinIntel Productions; went on at Trinity on Main’s Performance Arts Center in New Britain. The place was filled at twenty dollars a ticket. At the right hand corner of the stage there was a disk-jockey and in the middle of the stage just one microphone. Everyone seemed excited to hear about what these men were going to say.

The Male Ego is written and performed by Akil Dasan, Jamaal St. John, Buddha LuvJonz, Anthony Morales and Michael "Chief" Peterson and is directed by Buttafly Soul. Anthony Morales talks about his experience being a Latino growing up in New York City. Jamaal St. John poetically confesses that his genitalia makes him the biggest man! Buddha Love Jones sings to the ladies with his Laotian appeal and charming rhyme scheme. Chief finally confronts that grown men do cry and talks about how he grew up without his father. These men talk about their most intimate thoughts and are ultimately daring. The audience can feel sadness, excitement, and even laughter with the kinds of expressions these men use in their poetry. They introduce the Male Ego.

The show is hip and fresh, definitely worth buying a ticket for. Men and women were able to relate to the things that were spoken. For example Jamaal St. John stated that "Real Women Have Curves." He expressed how he loves women size 12-16, and that there is nothing wrong with women who look like the singer Jill Scott cause she is "so sexy." Everyone applauded and stood up after he was done. Plenty of the ladies seemed like they were impressed with his thoughts and concerns on how curvier women should feel.

You can know more about the Male Ego and when the next performance is by clicking Here you will be able to see interviews, pictures and poetry written by Michael "Chief" Peterson. It is an insight on the men themselves. The Male Ego should be seen by everyone. You will not be bored from the moment you take your seat!

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