Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Billy Blanks: The man, the mission, and your personal trainer for 45minutes

Summer is quickly approaching and whether your work out goal is to get bathing suit ready or if your just looking to stay in shape, Billy Blanks, tae bo enthusiast, has the workout for you. It was just last year that Billy became a well respected figure in my roommates and my weekly routine. There are several reasons Billy and his entourage, featured in Billy’s Boot Camp Elite, appeal to us so much.

Here are five things you should know about Billy’s Boot Camp Elite DVD:

1. Billy’s Boot Camp is a set of two DVDs. The first DVD called “Mission One: Getting Started,” is meant for beginners. It slowly takes you through all of the exercises to come in “Mission Two: Maximum Power,” which is a fast paced workout. While Billy may take you through this workout at a slower pace, you will still gain strength from the different variations of kicks, punches, and arm lifts Billy teaches to you.

“Mission Two: Maximum Power” is part of the second DVD. It is forty five minutes long and is not only a good cardiovascular workout, but also helps you build strength in your legs, arms, and butt. The workout starts out building muscle in the arms by doing different exercises repetitively. The next workout is for legs and if you don’t “feel the burn” after this, well you may just not be human. Billy has you doing four different kicks non-stop.

2. Most days I would do the workout with my roommates, so we could laugh through the pain, together. But now even when I did the workout alone, Billy had lots of motivational sayings to offer keeping me going (and laughing). You will certainly feel your there exercising right alongside Billy when he tells you “your taking flight” and “lets keep it going guys.”

3. The second DVD also has another workout, “Mission Three: Rock Solid Abs,” which is led by Shelly Blanks, Billy's daughter. Most of the abs workout is not crunches, which you would normally use to work out your abdominal muscles. Instead Shelly demonstrates standing abdominal exercises. While I don’t find these exercises as helpful, traditional crunches are still included in part of the workout.

4. Sometimes, Billy exaggerates a little bit (insert me and my roommates yelling at the TV here). Usually it is a beautiful moment when I hear the words “last set guys,” but wait…the counting hasn’t stopped and neither has Billy. Sometimes he keeps you doing an exercise for a few reps longer than you would expect, but only to challenge you and give you the best workout.

5. There is no way that I could forget the motivational speech at the end of the workout. I’m pretty sure that it deserves a spot on a MasterCard commercial for being priceless. If nothing else keeps you going through the workout, then this speech will (even if it’s only for the laughter it brings you).

If you prefer to trip over yourself at home (due to lack of coordination) or can’t seem to justify a monthly bill from the gym, then you should consider purchasing Billy’s Boot Camp. Billy can be your personal trainer too, for $24.99 (available at Best Buy).

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