Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Margarita Mondays

Whether you are single or taken by that special someone, it is always important to have one day dedicated to food, fun, and of course friends! Both girls and guys do this (or at least they should), but girls get often more excited calling its "Girls Night" signifying they are just going out to have fun, wear fancy tops and maybe some heels (if you can walk in them). Guys have their poker or bar nights, but again are not too pumped.
Although these days usually happen on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, signifying the start of the weekend and involves a club or a bar and lots of dancing, my friends and I decided to do our "Girl's Night" a little differently.
Every one hates MONDAYS! Monday are often dreaded because the weekend has passed by a little too fast, so what better day to relax and celebrate friendship after that first day back to school or work than Monday.
Almost every Monday for the past two semesters, my friends from the dorm and I have gone to Chillies for what they call "Margarita Monday".
With $ 2 regular and strawberry margaritas and some food specials, a group of nine girls, and I get together to talk about our weekends and events in our lives. Usually only having one drink and sharing appetizers, we just sit for an hour or two and talk and laugh. It is definitely the best escape from the stress ors of the semester and extremely cheap. I would recommend this to anyone who looking for an inexpensive low-key night out!

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