Friday, May 15, 2009

Concert Spectacular

Concert Mania

Getting ready for the concert was nervewracking as me and my two closest girlfriends, Lauren and Christine, were almost ready to leave the dorms to head to a concert featuring Ne-Yo, Jay-z, and none other than Lil' Wayne. The drive down there was filled with excitement. The concert was in New Jersey hosted by a local radio station in the Ikon Stadium across from the Giants Stadium.

Pulling into the parking lot filled with hudreds and hundreds of eager fans made the wait even more hard. We finally got a spot and parked, grabbed are belongings and headed for the front door of the building. The strong evening breeze made the wind almost unbearable. You could hear fans shouting and cursing at the nasty wind that was ruining their hair and makeup.

Tickets had to be taken from each fan upon entering the door as well as a security check. The ticketer took our tickets, ripped it in half, and handed us back the stubs. Practically running to the inside of the stadium, we climbed up the stairs to find our seat in the pitch black with very light lighting coming in and out. Our seats were close to the top but close to the main stage where the performers would be. The smell of alcohol filled the stadium as drunk college kids chugged down their beers.

The anticipation of the concert made it even that more exciting. Finally, all the lights went dim and the first performer, Ne-yo, walked out onto the stage and began singing and dancing to his very famous radio jams. The crowd went crazy, dancing and singing along. The stadium was full and this is when I noticed how packed it really was in there. Cameras were flashing nonstop from every angle and multi colored neon lights filled the stadium as fog rose from the noisy stage.

The concert was amazing and the performers were awesome. There was even a guest appearance from Beyonce where she sang her hit, "single ladies". At the end, people were pretty exhausted from all the dancing and singing and beers. It took forever to leave the seating area for there were thousands of people trying to get out and make it back to their cars to go home.

Overall, the experience was amazing and the performers were great!

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