Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Green

Going Green has become more important to people today. From receiving how to conserve energy emails at work to walking into Wal-mart and see T-shirts with Go Green themes.

Helping our Earth is like helping ourselves since we take everything the Earth gives. We need to start making the little changes in our everyday living to help the issues of Global Warming. Polluting the earth is what results in Global Warming, and we can help the Earth by being green. There are 10 easy ways to go green. Important natural resources, energy savings, and pollutant reductions are lost each and every day, causing unnecessary damage to our planet and these ten easy tips will absolutely help with that.
Species are also endangered due to pollution. Pollution happens when something finds its way into the environment that does not belong there. Chemicals and artificial materials destroy habitats. Some of the worst chemical pollutants are insecticides such as DDT (dichlor-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) and PCBs (poly-chlorinated biphenyls). An example of an extict species due to pollution is the Condor which is part of the old world vulture family, and the Hawksbill Turtle both located in Central California. Nothing can ever bring the species back.

There are also organizations that you can look into that have the mission to try to protect the climate such as the Alliance For Climate Protection, Green Peace, and the We Can Solve It Organization. These organizations have lots of information for those interested in helping to make a change. It is never to late to start going green now. Like I stated earlier just even applying those ten easy tips whenever you can makes a big difference. Everyone, go green somehow!

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