Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet decisions: A search for the most mouth-watering ice cream

Right off the Berlin Turnpike is an ice cream lovers best friend, Mortensen‘s Ice Cream and Restaurant. The anticipation started to build as soon as my friends and I pulled into the crowded parking lot with Jimi Hendrix blaring from the speakers. We rushed out of the car and out of the sprinkling night into Mortensen’s, which seemed to glow from the outside.

Inside, every booth was filled with happy customers enjoying their disappearing bowls of ice cream. While the grey printed wall paper and grey countertops didn’t excite the eyes, the glass case filled with more than 20 flavors of homemade ice cream and sherbet didn’t disappoint.

As we admired the ice cream at the counter we were greeted by several friendly waitresses wearing bright pink shirts and pony tails. Walking down the case gazing at each flavor, the decision of what to order grew more difficult.

How do you choose between flavors like graham central, mud pie, and amaretto? Finally I decided to order a regular size bowl with half coconut ice cream and half Maine black bear.

My eyes lit up as I was handed the overflowing Styrofoam cup. Each bite was creamy and more delicious than the last. The coconut ice cream brought a tropical feel to mind, while the Maine black bear ice cream, which has swirls of black raspberry syrup and dark chocolate chips filled with the same familiar sweet syrup, will forever remind me of summer.

We all left satisfied and with smiles on our faces knowing that while we were soon to be left with empty bowls, that we looked forward to making another difficult and delicious ice cream decision at Mortensen’s soon.

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