Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wait! Wondering what that even is? Don’t worry you are not the only one.

1 In fact, you are a product of it whether you’re a user of its resources or you consider yourself from the African Diaspora.

2 Reality Check: 85 percent of the world’s resources come from Africa, so imagine the world with out Africa’s rich minerals and cultural influences from its foods to its customs.

3 Diaspora means the dispersion of indigenous peoples, and African Diaspora is the dispersion of African people across the globe through many years and still to this day.

4 Examples of Places brought up by the dispersal of African peoples would be: The Caribbean, United States and Brazil just to name a few.

5 Most importantly, there is only one human race, so simply judging a person by their looks will not help you distinguish if someone is part of the African Diaspora.

The main lesson to take away from this is that knowing yourself is an important asset in your life, and being proud of who you are is even more important.

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