Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Five Guys Burgers and Fries: Something New, yet Old Fashioned

You should never try to be something you are not, or try to appear classier than you are; that is why you should never be ashamed to admit that the best restaurant you’ve been to in years, wraps the food in tinfoil, serves it to you in a brown paper bag, and allows your to stand up and eat circus peanuts while you’re waiting for your order. I’m of course talking about Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a good old fashioned burger joint that packs in the quantity, and never skips on the quality.

When you walk into any Five Guys Burgers and Fries location you won’t be impressed by the d├ęcor, but then again, if you’ve come to Five Guys for the ambiance, you’re in the wrong place. While you probably won’t be impressed by the industrial sized sacks of potatoes stacked in the corners, or the red and white tiled walls, your senses will be aroused by the time you reach the counter to order. The smell of fresh sizzling burger patties, and french fries will fill you with the excitement you felt before eating the perfect burger as a kid.

Although the official Five Guys website reports an astounding 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at the restaurant, the ordering process is always easy, moderately priced, and catered to the customer. There are two kinds of burgers; little and regular. The little burger ($3.39) is a single, and succulent, fresh beef patty on a warm toasted bun. The regular burger ($5.89), is two, fresh beef patties piled high, on a warm toasted bun. After ordering your burger size, customers can choose up to sixteen different, and free toppings. After completing your perfect made to order burger, just the way you like it, you have your choice of two different sizes of fries; regular ($2.69) and large ($3.89). Although the fries are a bit on the pricey side, you most definitely get your money’s worth. As a point of reference, a regular sized fry is usually enough to split between you and a friend.

After your burger is crafted into a work of art, it is wrapped tightly in tinfoil, locking in the plethora of flavors you are about to experience. After your burger and fries are placed into a large brown paper bag, an additional cup of fries is showered directly into the bag (a Five Guy’s signature). When the process is complete, a burger chef will shout your order number out into the restaurant air.

By the time you walk from the counter to your table, and open your brown paper bag of deliciousity, you will be ready to experience something new, yet old-fashioned, and nostalgic. Your first bite into your flavor packed hamburger will remove you from a world swamped with paper-thin fast food burgers, and over priced trendy restaurant burgers; and return you to a time when you were excited to get a hamburger, because it was delicious, juicy, and just the way you liked it.

Convenient Connecticut and East Coast Locations

5 things to remember when going to 5 Guys

1. Go Hungry. Besides the quality of the food, the portions are best tackled with an empty stomach.

2. Don't Wear a Tuxedo. The food isn't known for it's health benefits, your probably going to get a little grease, salt or ketchup on your hands, and then on your shirt.

3. Get the Regular burger and the regular fries. The little burger is just that, a little too little, and the large fries, well they are freakin' huge. The regular fry and regular burger are a perfect combination.

4. Don't bring a girl there on your first date, well unless she's perfect and your going to marry her. It's not the ideal meal to get to know a date over, your going to be full when you leave, and its going to get messy. Actually take her to Five Guys, if she sticks around for date number 2, she's a keeper.

5. Make sure you're afternoons and nights are open. Although this food is out of this world, its not the ideal meal to eat before trying to be productive. Think of the Thanksgiving dinner aftermath meets the cheeseburger.

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