Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am part of the Africana Students Organization at Central Connecticut State University. Every spring we have our Culture Shock Show and this year we really made a spectacular event.

For those of you who don’t know much about the African Diaspora, ASO does a really good job of portraying the fundamental nature of it.

Many Students at Central Connecticut State University were blown away by the eventful “Culture Shock” show put on by the Africana Students Organization.

Members got together and wanted to incorporate the true “Africana” essence in this year’s show, so this time they left the crowd not only entertained, but informed about the different cultures

that Africa has influenced and still continues to influence.

The Culture Shock exalted a tropical them with warm colors and fanciful decorations, which were all inspired by the CCSU Design club. There were lit pineapple center pieces and scattered palm trees giving the illusion that you were on a tropical escape.

Food was provided by the CCSU catering company, Sadexo, whom tried to encompass a menu that would represent the different cultures. There was everything from Indian samosas to fried plantains and pita bread with hummus.

The main events of the night were the performers. The Island Boys Band consisted of Steel Pan drumming, Caribbean and African inspired dancers. GiGi Neama blew away the audience with her Egyptian inspired belly dancing moves. Rapper Decipher and poet Jelan represented the Hip

Hop culture with their smooth and thought catching lyrics. Latin band, Karibe Mambo and Salsa dancer Alisa from “Alisa’s House of Salsa” got the crowd involved in a friendly dance competition.

Last, but not least was Husky Bhangra, a traditional Indian inspired performance with a twist of hip hop.

Throughout the night students and faculty continued to enjoy themselves.

“It was very professional,” said William Forthergill from the Counseling and Wellness Center.

“I was honestly impressed by the student effort that was put into the show, it really showed in the final product,” says Gabbie French, a senior at CCSU

“I was very impressed and happy to see that the Culture Shock focused on the Diaspora. It was so diverse and that was the point. It was truly a Culture Shock!” says Masem Enyong, also a senior at CCSU.

The night finally came to an end with a fashion show. Another aspect of the show put together by the Design club. “The fashion show was all about taking some traditional fabrics and creating a modern twist!” says Tamika Harvey the President of the Design club.

Overall, the show was a success and if you missed it, no worries, there is always next year, so look out for ASO’s next spectacular Culture Shock.

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