Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flag Football

Flag football is considered very popular attracting men ranging in ages 20-40.

This sport involves many players that have football in thier backrounds and love the game. Being a supportive team member is important since raising money is a big deal. One particular team The Young Gunz from New Britain, had to raise money to go to Virginia, a championship game they needed to attend. The team rented out a Papas Pub and held a Smoker. They were able to raise 2,000 dollers. Food, drinks, and poker games all night.

Being a flag football player is serious to these men. They do anything and everything that needs to be done to better the team. Sunday mornings at 10 o'clock, the Young Gunz get together at Osgood Park in New Britain for practice. They start by stretching and then running a couple laps before going through the plays. The guys seem enthusiastic getting ready to play against two teams Omni Fitness from New York and the Silver Backs from Rhode Island. You can check out thier website .

Flag football looks like an easy sport but it is not. The sport is tough and the men do not go down easily. When watching them play it almost hurts to watch. They push hard, fall down on thier knees, sometimes they forget that it is not supposed to be tackle football.

All in all the sport is loved by many and these guys do have fans. Friends and family, watch and cheer at every game. The Young Gunz are in third place right now and are fighting to get to first. It is serious to the team to try to get there, but it is also important to have fun in the same time.

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