Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Makeup Is An Art

When people hear makeup they automatically think beauty because it is. Everyday we see celebrities like Queen Latifah, Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria showing off thier gorgeous mascara made up lashes for Revlon and CoverGirl. This is what women crave, to look beautiful and you absolutely can!

Being called a makeup artist is for a reason. It is an art just like putting color on a canvas. Knowing what colors to choose for the type of skin tone and undertstanding the color wheel are the little things a makeup artist needs to know. It is not easy at first but anyone can learn and the trick is blending. Here is a link to a video that can help first timers apply makeup.

Makeup artistry is important especially in Hollywood. Makeup artist's make tons of money. For example, Kevyn Aucoin a really famous makeup artist in our time. Kevyn Aucoin became a professional at age 21 and created magic till the age of 40, where he died of liver damage. Kevyn Aucoin was a legendary icon to those who love the art. He also envisioned and developed the brand based on techniques, textures, and formulas that were tested throughout his 20 year career in professional artistry. In carrying on the legacy and vision, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is an all-inclusive luxury brand that continues to develop "one of a kind" products that are loved around the world.

Here Katy Dixson expresses hereself in a sense where she makes people look burned, or fifteen years older. You can really see here how makeup just does not make one beautiful. The artistry is amazing you can be dead, alive and beautiful everyone needs to understand that. This is a form of art that is not even mentioned of.

Makeup has been alive from the 1930's , when the movie market was revolutionized. George Westmore is the makeup pioneer and founded the very first makeup department at Metro Pictures in 1917. He became a staple in Hollywoods makeup scene during the silent era at Selig Polyscope Studios. Everyone knows about the Westmore Dynasty and there is a museaum dedicated to them located in Burbank CA.

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